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Disruptions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic have highlighted weak points in manufacturing supply chains. Some company responses have been uncoordinated and reactive – but other manufacturers anticipated the disturbance and were able to react accordingly. Which of these scenarios describes your vendors? Your customers? Did you have a Business Continuity Plan that includes “pandemic” as a recovery scenario?

Join IMEC and the IMA to learn how and why it is time to adopt a collaborative supply chain – one with better visibility, greater efficiency and informed by your company metrics. We can learn a lesson from this current crisis and begin making fundamental changes now to prepare your supply chain for future shocks. This session will highlight the ideal supply chain of 2030, and arm you with a series of questions to lead your transition from the current to a more collaborative and accurate supply chain.

Learn about the Supplier Scouting program from IMEC and the IMA, fulfilling the immediate need to connect suppliers with those in need of supplies. Together we can bring a more local focus to the supply chain for Illinois manufacturers.