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Conlee: Getting things done

By Courtney Westlake Ginny Conlee gets things done. That has been my impression as I’ve witnessed Conlee’s work in her leadership roles for many years, though I’ve only just gotten to know her better personally in the last year. And after sitting down to lunch with her at Café Brio, I am more convinced of [...]

Natural gas powers commercial vehicles

By Douglas L. Whitley What has been lost during the on-going debate on hydraulic fracturing in Illinois and across the country is the “other side of the coin.”  What do I mean by that? When it comes to increased natural gas production, the other side of the coin is the increased demand and opportunities for businesses [...]

It’s ok to be vulnerable

By Bridget Ingebrigtsen While perusing my company’s bookshelf for a good book to read, Patrick Lencioni’s “Getting Naked” grabbed my attention for obvious reasons. Published in 2010, I’ve heard about it but not as often as Lencioni’s other books like “Death by Meeting,” “Three Dysfunctions of a Team” and “The Advantage.” I figured that maybe [...]

Sarah Phalen listens and learns

By Courtney Westlake Constant listening and learning from the leadership are essential to building and bettering a company. So has been the mentality of Sarah Phalen, as she has concentrated on continual communication across the branches and departments of Illinois National Bank (INB) as president and CEO. Over lunch at Café Brio, Phalen told me [...]

Traditional versus LED: Christmas lighting smackdown

By David A. Kelm Christmas decorations are going up in neighborhoods and at area businesses as nearly everyone is getting ready for shoppers, family and festivities. From simple white twinkly lit wreaths to massive  computer-aided, musically-timed, “Christmas Vacation” light shows, traditional holiday lighting is getting phased out and replaced by energy efficient LED (light-emitting diode) [...]