Two Thanksgivings

By Joe Natale Somebody find the fainting couch and fetch the smelling salts, because I do believe we are suffering a case of the vapors. What is it this time that is upsetting our collective equilibrium? Shutting down the government? Raising the debt ceiling? Crashing the Obamacare web site? No. The latest national temper tantrum [...]

Gone Phishing

By Joe Natale Recently, I received an email from Dun & Bradstreet with the subject line “New Complaint: 6733847,” stating that “Dun & Bradstreet has received the above-referenced complaint from one of your customers...” Why would anyone complain about me? Good spirited, full of hope, optimistic, persistent, cooperative, thoughtful, loyal friend, helpful, team player, genuine, [...]

Bingeing on Benny

By Joe Natale Binge-viewing is the soup du jour in the entertainment industry with people consuming episodes of their favorite programs in a single setting. Netflix streams episodes of popular programs like “House of Cards” and “Arrested Development,” allow viewers to gorge on episodes, one right after another, instead of waiting a week for the [...]

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