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2017 – 15 Under Fifteen

Each year, Springfield Business Journal and United Community Bank recognize 15 outstanding local businesses with 15 or fewer employees. The 2017 recipients cover the gamut from restaurants and retail to personal and professional services to entertainment. They each have a unique story to tell, and we hope you’ll take the time to not only read [...]

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A tale of pluck – Barnabas Helmy’s electronic Puck

BY PATRICK YEAGLE Like many inventions, Barnabas Helmy’s Puck began with a problem. Helmy’s daughter, two years old at the time, ruined the remote control for their home’s Apple TV by chewing on it. “They’re expensive, and it’s not even that functional of a remote,” Helmy said, sharing a story he has told dozens of [...]

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The minimum wage battle – Possible minimum wage increase divides business community

BY MONICA STABILE The Illinois General Assembly’s approval last month of a measure to increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour over a five-year period has drawn mixed reviews among the business community. Warning that a potential increase in the minimum wage could lead to Illinois becoming less competitive, some business groups say employers [...]

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2017 Women of Influence

Security Bank and Springfield Business Journal are proud to bring you the 14th annual Women of Influence. This program honors local women for their contributions to the Springfield area community. Selected by their peers through submitted nominations, all have made important contributions to the community at large. You are invited to join us in celebrating [...]

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Meet Kara Rapacz – Q and A with SHG’s first lay principal

On March 13, Sacred Heart-Griffin High School named Kara Rapacz as its next principal and its first lay principal. Katherine O’Connor, president and interim principal of SHG, said the school examined several qualified candidates from around the nation, but Rapacz, who currently serves as assistant principal, was clearly the best fit. “This is an exciting [...]

Hope for a bright future

By Patrick Yeagle Inside a nondescript brick building in Springfield’s South Town business district, a wall covered with clear acrylic instead of drywall illustrates various tools and electrical wiring standards. Between the wooden studs, next to lineman pliers and a conduit bender, are inspirational messages about leadership and discipline. Calvin Pitts built the wall as [...]

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Changing lives, one class at a time

By Rhonda Buckhold Freelance Contributor Pivotal moments in life often present as hard decisions– to do one thing or another, which will ultimately change life as you know it. Charles Davis realized he’d had that moment when he graduated from the Illinois Department of Transportation’s Highway Construction Careers Training Program in 2007 at the age [...]

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Springfield’s big dig

An architect reflects on the 1960s Old State Capitol facelift By Catherine O’Connor Freelance Contributor In the early 1960s, the capital city’s downtown corridor was the home to bustling shops of all kinds, including the Hub Clothiers, Fishman’s Sporting Goods, Black’s Hardware store, Myers Brother’s, Bressmer’s, and S.A. Barker’s department stores, Shadid’s book store, various [...]

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Paul Ellis means business for Jacksonville

By Colin Patrick Brady Freelance contributor . . “Our business is to build business,” says Paul Ellis, who assumed the post of president of the Jacksonville Regional Economic Development Corporation in August. Ellis was born on the West Coast and spent many of his formative years in the Seattle-Tacoma region, where he found work as a [...]

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