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Q&A with Jan Schramm

By David Blanchette          Jan Schramm is the senior vice president for trust management services at Hickory Point Bank & Trust, the same company where she began her banking career after graduating from Bradley University with a degree in business administration and management. In September, Schramm received the 2022 President’s Award from the Illinois Bankers [...]

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Dolphin Chicken, Fish and Grill

By Thomas Pavlik   I’ve been seeing lots of chatter on social media about Dolphin Chicken, Fish and Grill, and hearing some of my friends make favorable comments about it. So, I figured it was time to give Dolphin a shot. First thing to know is that Dolphin is drive-thru and take-out only. Second thing [...]

Q&A with John Kelker

By David Blanchette   John Kelker says he always knew he wanted to help people, and he worked in the nonprofit sector throughout his professional career. After graduating from MacMurray College in Jacksonville, he worked in Carrollton and Jacksonville before moving to Springfield in 1996 to become president of the United Way of Central Illinois. [...]

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15 Under Fifteen – 2022

  This is the 20th year that Springfield Business Journal has partnered with United Community Bank to recognize 15 outstanding small businesses in the local area. To qualify, a business must be located in Sangamon or Morgan county, have been open for at least two years and have 15 or fewer full-time employees. A business [...]

Mas Sabores

Until recently, I thought that Mas Sabores was only a bakery, ice cream and dessert shop. But a friend mentioned having lunch there a few weeks back, so I decided to check the place out. Mas Sabores (which means more flavors), the sister restaurant to Sabores in Chatham, is located on North Grand Avenue in [...]

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Culinary medicine — where health meets food

By Karen Ackerman Witter The medical community is typically better at intervention than prevention. Culinary medicine is an emerging field to get health care practitioners actively engaged with patients on issues related to diet. There is good reason to do so. In the U.S., 96 million people have prediabetes, and eight out of 10 don’t [...]

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Q&A with Michelle Tjelmeland

By David Blanchette   Michelle Tjelmeland has started two businesses and a nonprofit, all while being profoundly deaf. She hears only through the technology of a cochlear implant, and now works to provide cochlear implants for deaf people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford them. She has a bachelor’s degree in education from Eastern [...]

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Q&A with Ruby Davis

By David Blanchette Ruby Davis was born in Mississippi, where she worked chopping cotton before leaving home at age 15 to get married. Two years later, her mother and sister were killed in a car accident, and her father died the following year. Those experiences of loss inspired her to work with other grieving families. [...]

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