BLH Computers recycles electronic waste for customers near and far

By Karen Ackerman Witter BLH Computers, Inc. is the largest computer and electronics recycling facility in the area. Many individuals take their outdated electronics to BLH in Laketown Shopping Center on Stevenson Drive. BLH also has facilities in Taylorville and Jacksonville. In 2021, BLH collected 3.1 million pounds of material, of which 2.4 million pounds [...]

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It’s not about the money

By Holly A. Whisler There has been a shift in workforce dynamics since the pandemic shook life up a couple years ago. Job seekers have a renewed sense of confidence -- they know their priorities and the value they bring to the table. Surveys conducted in 2021 show that those actively seeking employment are looking [...]

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We have a plan – now what?

By Steven Simpson-Black Springfield is just OK at urban planning. We still do planning like the 1990s, leaving out some pretty important aspects in our comprehensive planning process. We don’t really plan for transit or bicycling, and infill planning is sparse. Still, the most recent Springfield 2037 Comprehensive Plan does talk about transit and calls [...]

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Weaving a legacy

Dan Frachey launches a business to capture seniors’ stories By Carey Smith “People may say they don’t have much of a story to tell, but when people start talking, when they are given permission to share, they start revealing that there is a great narrative over the course of one’s life,” said Dan Frachey, owner [...]

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Q&A with Damond Boatwright

By Lana Shovlin Damond Boatwright, 49, became president and CEO of Hospital Sisters Health System in June, making him both the first man and African American to hold the top administrator position. Before coming to Springfield, Boatwright served as the regional president of operations and chair of the hospital board at SSM Health Wisconsin near [...]

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COVID exposes inequity in health care outcomes

Life expectancy is correlated to zip codes By Carey Smith   “What really defines somebody’s health is much more what happens outside the hospital than what happens inside,” explains Dr. Sameer Vohra, chair of population science and policy at SIU School of Medicine in Springfield. “Around 80% of your health outcomes, arguably more, are determined [...]

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