Old Gillett Farm to be auctioned – Estate was home to ‘Cattle King of the World’

BY MONICA STABILE In 1868, John Dean Gillett was known as the “Cattle King of the World.” The influential businessman was a close friend of Abraham Lincoln and was known for, among other things, developing the Shorthorn cattle breed. He established his farm on Elkhart Hill, north of Springfield, and after being in the family [...]

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Seven cybersecurity recommendations for small businesses

BY MICHAEL KOKAL Cybersecurity is a growing concern for businesses at all levels. The potential threats are numerous, and a successful attack can cripple or even destroy a small business. Darrell Fortae, owner of Everlast Software, LLC. in Springfield, teaches community-based cybersecurity seminars at Lincoln Land’s Capital City Training Center. Here are his seven recommendations [...]

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A tale of pluck – Barnabas Helmy’s electronic Puck

BY PATRICK YEAGLE Like many inventions, Barnabas Helmy’s Puck began with a problem. Helmy’s daughter, two years old at the time, ruined the remote control for their home’s Apple TV by chewing on it. “They’re expensive, and it’s not even that functional of a remote,” Helmy said, sharing a story he has told dozens of [...]

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Why buy SPI? The importance of supporting local businesses

BY VAL YAZELL PRESIDENT OF LOCAL FIRST SPRINGFIELD “Think local first.” You have likely heard this phrase used by the independently owned businesses in our community. It is the calling card for Local First Springfield, a not-for-profit group of local independent businesses in the greater Springfield area. But what exactly does it mean to you, [...]

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More than it seems – Inside Hope Inclusion Café and Play

By Patrick Yeagle A young worker circles pictures of bread, meat, cheese and toppings on a colorful laminated sheet as he takes a customer’s order at Hope Inclusion Café and Play. It’s one of the very few clues that this is a special place, and it’s supposed to be that way. The cafe opened on [...]

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The minimum wage battle – Possible minimum wage increase divides business community

BY MONICA STABILE The Illinois General Assembly’s approval last month of a measure to increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour over a five-year period has drawn mixed reviews among the business community. Warning that a potential increase in the minimum wage could lead to Illinois becoming less competitive, some business groups say employers [...]

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Anheuser-Busch sues Chick Fritz in distribution dispute

BY MONICA STABILE Springfield business Robert ‘Chick’ Fritz Inc. is being sued by Anheuser-Busch for refusing to give up the right to distribute several European brands of beer. The federal lawsuit and a counterclaim by Chick Fritz question the application of a state law regulating beer distribution. Anheuser-Busch filed its complaint at the end of [...]

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Medical cannabis industry sees room to grow

BY MONICA STABILE Employment in Illinois’ medical marijuana industry has more than doubled in one year, resulting in millions of dollars in annual economic output for the state. One industry group says the program is capable of even more. The Illinois medical cannabis pilot program has generated $147.8 million in annual economic activity, in addition [...]

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Substitute medical marijuana for opioids, supporters say

BY MONICA STABILE Supporters of medical cannabis hope to expand the number of conditions currently covered under Illinois law to help reduce the number of people who overdose on opioid drugs. There were more fatalities in Illinois from opioid drug overdoses than from homicides or car accidents in 2014, according to the latest data from [...]

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A new vision for an old block

BY PATRICK YEAGLE Dan Senftner practically bursts with excitement when talking about Main Street Square, the public space he helped develop nearly a decade ago in Rapid City, South Dakota. “It’s been over the top – far more than we ever dreamed,” he said. Senftner is president and CEO of Destination Rapid City, a combination [...]

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