Confidence soars during trades training

BY LINDSEY SALVATELLI Students at South Town Construction Training Center are in week six of the 12-week program, and have just received their OSHA cards, a necessary step to working in the electrical trade. The students who are part of the current class have left their mark on the training center, with a wall they’ve [...]

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Building confidence for the future

BY LINDSEY SALVATELLI Six students have taken the opportunity to learn the construction trade at South Town Construction Training Center, 1122 S. Grand Ave E.  Students are given hands-on-training through a 12-week program that aims to give unskilled workers potential knowledge and real experience they’re able to apply while working on residential construction sites. By [...]

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Niche business success stories

These small businesses are surviving, despite competition from online sales Article and photos by DAVID BLANCHETTE Eighty percent survive the first year. Seventy percent are left after two years, 50 percent after five years, and only 30 percent are still around after 10 years. Those 30 percent are the small businesses in the United States [...]

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Rebuilding older neighborhoods

Springfield has many opportunities for small-scale development BY CATHERINE O’CONNOR Governing magazine recently published the results of an in-depth investigation into segregation in Illinois communities, including Springfield. A recent cover story in Illinois Times included excerpts from the lengthy report (“Segregated in the Heartland, Feb. 7), which also focused on income disparity between black and [...]

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Marketing Springfield to millennials

BY ZACH ROTH Like many other towns in the Midwest and Rust Belt, Springfield has seen significant changes in the makeup of its population in recent years. It has become older, not to mention a little bit smaller. “Since 2010, the indications are that the population is continuing to decline,” said Molly Berns, executive director [...]

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Building blocks for success

BY DAVID BLANCHETTE You see them every day: the restaurants, mobile phone stores, bank branches, nail salons, automobile dealerships, strip malls, apartments and other new or revamped buildings going up throughout the Springfield area. These commercial and multifamily residential structures – costing $2.5 million or under to build – are the bread and butter for [...]

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Rethinking workplace lunches

BY ZACH ROTH Business people looking for a quick bite to eat often grab some greasy fast food to satiate their appetites before returning to work. As much as people enjoy a double quarter-pounder, one can’t help but wonder about the health risks associated with excessive consumption of fast food, especially by people who sit [...]

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2018 Springfield Architectural and Engineering Design Success Stories

COMPILED BY CATHERINE O’CONNOR   Photo courtesy of Dewberry Architects University of Illinois Springfield Student Union - Dewberry Architects UIS is seeking U.S. Green Building Council LEED Gold Certification for the new students union’s “living” roof. The 200,000 plants over a sloped membrane provides insulation, helps to lower air temperatures and lasts much [...]

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Try something new at Nu-Voh

BY TOM PAVLIK Although I love a good steak, I get particularly animated over more esoteric dishes like steak tartare or roasted bone marrow.  It’s the kind of food that gets me excited, but not the type of fare usually seen in the capital city. So I was excited when I first saw Nu-Voh’s food-forward [...]

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