Women of Influence

Security Bank is proud to partner with Springfield Business Journal for the annual “Women of Influence” recognition program. Women of Influence honors local women for their contributions to the Springfield area community. Selected by their peers through submitted nominations, all have made important contributions to the community at large.

Nominations are not limited to the business community for this program. The area’s reputation as an exemplary place to live, work and raise a family is dependent upon the day-to-day hard work and long-range foresight of each and every one of us. These women are significant for their valuable contributions in making Springfield the outstanding community that it is.

Women of Influence Previous Selectees

Abby Sgro2019
Amanda Long2019
Amy Segatto Perrin 2010
Angela Sowle2018
Aruna Mathur2018
Betsy Dollar2022
Beverly Christian 2004
Brenda Thompson 2006
Brenda Yarnell, Ph.D. 2010
Carlissa Puckett 2008
Carol Watts 2006
Carole Britton 2005
Carolyn Blackwell 2005
Carolyn Oxtoby 2004
Cheryl Daugherty 2011
Christine Carrels 2014
Cindy Davis 2007
Connie Matrisch 2011
Deb Marsaglia 2013
Deb Sarsany 2021
Desiree Logsdon 2009
Diane K. Rutledge, Ph.D. 2006
Dr. Charlotte Warren 2009
Dr. Clarice Ford2018
Dr. Kemia Sarraf2014
Dr. Mary Frisk Loken 2008
Dr. Susan Koch2017
Dr. Theresa Boley 2011
Dr. Tracey Smith2017
Dr. Victoria Nichols-Johnson 2009
Dr. Wendi Wills El-Amin2022
Emily Becker 2016
Emily Lewis2022
Eve Fischberg 2021
Evelyn Brandt Thomas 2008
G. Virginia Conlee 2012
Georgia Winson 2016
Grace Nanavati 2020
Heather Burton2020
Helen Tolan 2004
Hon. Sue Myerscough 2009
Jackie L. Newman 2006
Janette Peak 2013
Jennifer Gill 2016
Joan C. Freitag 2007
Judith G. Stephens 2008
Julie Benson2021
Julie Cellini 2004
Julie Davis 2013
Julie Dirksen 2010
Julie Zara 2012
Karen Conn 2011
Karen E. Paisley 2006
Karen Hanson Pletsch 2010
Kathryn Harris 2015
Kathy Germeraad 2016
Kim Pate 2015
Lea Hudson 2004
Leslie Sgro2022
Leuwania Baker2019
Linda Shanklin 2010
Lisa Clemmons Stott 2021
Lisa Funderburg 2015
Lisa Schad 2005
M.T. Vann2017
Margaret "Boony" Luparell2017
Marie A. Giacomelli 2010
Marilyn Kushak 2007
Maryam Mostoufi 2016
Melissa Remolina 2020
Michelle Tjelmeland 2009
Molly Berendt2017
Naomi Lynn 2005
Nina M. Harris 2007
Pam Molitoris 2013
Paula Ryan 2011
Polly Poskin2018
Rachel Broughton 2012
Rasha Said2017
Rev. Margaret Ann Jessup2018
Rikeesha Phelon 2021
Rita Monkman-Tarr 2005
Rita Victor 2004
Sammi Mander2022
Sampa Das Ostrem 2012
Sarah Beuning 2014
Sarah Delano Pavlik 2007
Shipra Somani 2014
Sister Katherine O’Connor 2016
Sonya Jones 2015
Stacey Skrysak2019
Susan Helm2021
Susan Wallace 2009
Susan Zappa 2015
Tara Zook Bennett, M.D. 2006
Teresa Haley 2012
Tiffany Mathis 2020
Tonya Voepel 2014
Valera Yazell 2013
Vernessa Glover2019
Veronica Robison 2008