Emily Lewis said she always envisioned combining her three businesses into one location, but now Three Twigs Bakery & Bistro will be joining Biscuits + Brunch and The Salted Lemon – Market & Creamery sooner than anticipated.

“We knew one day we wanted to create a beautiful space of our own where we would build on our own land and have all of my ideas in one place,” Lewis said. “It’s always been in the back of my mind, and over the last several months we had been talking about it and making plans for what would need to happen.”

Then, on Sept. 25, the ceiling in the kitchen at Three Twigs Bakery collapsed, causing the kitchen to flood. The location at 3429 Freedom Drive has been closed since, although the bakery is still fulfilling pre-orders and customers are able to pick up items at Biscuits + Brunch or The Salted Lemon, 2661-2671 Chatham Road.

Lewis said, “We already have the perfect location, why wait (to have the businesses under one roof) until we can get a $1 million loan 10 years from now? With the situation that happened over the weekend, I felt like it was God pushing us out the door, telling us to do it now.”

Now the focus is on combining the kitchens for Biscuits + Brunch and The Salted Lemon to allow room for Three Twigs Bakery to operate as well. “We’re working closely with the city to make these plans a reality, and I’m hoping to have a relaunch for Three Twigs by Nov. 1,” said Lewis. “We cross-utilize our staff a lot, so it will be great to have everybody in one location, and I’m hoping to make this a destination for people from all over.”

While the damage to the Three Twigs Bakery kitchen has caused some setbacks, Lewis said, “I’m not willing to be the next place that gives up. It’s a nerve-wracking situation every time you have to pivot, but this route seems like a lot more fun, and I love an adventure.

“This is a blessing in disguise; it brings our dream to life sooner,” she said.