Springfield Mowers & Power Equipment has reopened after being closed since a fire at the business that killed the owner, Robert Kalabus, on Oct. 2, 2021.

His widow, Stephanie Kalabus, said the business at 1808 W. Jefferson St. reopened on March 7 and employees are currently operating out of the back building until repairs can be made to the main building. “We’re working on getting the retail space up to par, but for now, customers are picking up equipment and we’re doing services,” she said.

Stephanie Kalabus said she’s made arrangements to sell the business to John Hank, who owns a similar business, Hank’s Power & Equipment. “His whole family is involved in the business, so I’m glad it’s going to go from one family to another,” she said of the pending sale. Hank’s Power & Equipment has locations in Aledo and Galesburg, although she said the Springfield location will continue to operate under the name Springfield Mowers & Power Equipment.

Rob Kalabus started the business in 2016 when German-Bliss Equipment, where he had served as the Springfield branch manager, left the market. The company was initially located at 1514 W. Jefferson St. but moved to its current location in 2019, nearly tripling the space for both the showroom and shop.

Stephanie Kalabus said some of the previous staff ended up coming back and a building permit has been filed with the city to begin repairs.

“Hopefully we’ll be moving right along, going into the spring season. We’re excited to get back up and running and serve the community again,” she said.