Peace, Love & Sweat, an infrared sauna studio, will hold its grand opening on Friday, Dec. 3 and Saturday, Dec. 4. The business is located at 3450 Liberty Drive in a retail building behind Target and across from Sky Zone.

Owner Ann Cowhick said that COVID-19 prompted her to make a career change. She had worked in retail for a number of years but always had an interest in health and wellness. “When COVID happened and we were shut down for three months last year, I went a little stir crazy,” Cowhick said. “I started doing some research and putting together my business plan.”

Cowhick decided she wanted to open an infrared sauna studio, which are popular in larger cities across the country. “The heat penetrates into your skin and muscles,” she said. “It’s good for stress relief, weight loss, pain relief, boosting the immune system and circulation.”

Cowhick said she chose the location based in part on the nearby businesses, noting she liked the fact that it’s not located across from a fast-food restaurant or bar so that “it won’t be a trigger for someone who’s trying to detox.” She hopes to encourage people to pay attention to their physical health. “My mom passed away from cancer; she really didn’t take care of herself. It made me more focused on my own health and lifestyle,” Cowhick said.

“Infrared saunas are good for so many different types of people.”