Jim Fulgenzi is the new owner of Re/Max Professionals. He purchased the business from Al and Linda Young, who had owned the Springfield franchise since 1986, on Sept. 30.

“They’ve worked hard for a lot of years,” said Fulgenzi. “The things they did changed how real estate brokerages were run.” He noted that prior to the advent of Re/Max, it was common for the parent company to take a large percentage of agents’ commissions. “Re/Max started attracting agents that shared in the operating costs of the business and were then able to keep the lion’s share of what they brought in,” said Fulgenzi. “We’ve had hundreds of agents who have come through the company over the years that Al and Linda were there. If it weren’t for the changes they made, we would have a very different real estate landscape.”

Fulgenzi has been with Re/Max Professionals, 2475 W. Monroe, for 26 years. “I’d like to maintain as much continuity as possible,” he said, noting that Ron Duff will continue to serve as the managing broker. “We’re going to make changes over time, but no big, sweeping changes right away.” The firm currently has 62 licensed agents.

“My role is to support the agents in their need to serve their clients. We’re trying to help people through what is sometimes a pretty complicated transaction,” said Fulgenzi.