Paul’s Paradise, a new event venue in Pleasant Plains, is opening on Sept. 3.  The location on State Route 125 is already well-known as Paul’s Tree Farm, a business that Danny and Sherri Paul have operated for the past 15 years.

“People from all over the state come out every weekend, and they see our three-tier deck that overlooks the lake,” said Sherri Paul, who noted that over the years she has consistently received requests to rent the location for events.

However, it was only recently that the couple decided to try and accommodate special events. “We had three kids in diapers at the same time, and finally, by 2017 they were older and all in school. We started having small events in the backyard, but there was no backup plan if it rained,” Paul said.

The couple had constructed a large building to store all of the tree farm equipment and trucks, but then realized it would make more sense to use that building for the event venue. “We built an indoor and outdoor stage and two huge patios,” she said. “There’s a VIP lounge for brides with a hair and makeup station, private restroom and a bridal bar.” Other amenities include a mother’s nursing room, a game area for washers, bags, dice and Jenga, plus an arcade for kids.

“They get the whole run of the place, plus 150 acres for photos,” Paul said. “It’s all-inclusive, so people can have their rehearsal dinner, wedding and reception all in one place. We supply the space, and they supply the party.”