Tanya Rolfe has opened Timeless Beauty MedSpa, a business that she hopes will help people improve their confidence and enhance self-care and wellness.

 A nurse practitioner, Rolfe said, “This is something that I’ve always wanted to do, and I started looking into it before COVID hit. But I was pregnant and in school, so I put things on hold.”

 However, after losing several people that she was close to, she says she realized “anything could happen at any given time,” and Rolfe decided to launch her business venture.

 Timeless Beauty MedSpa offers a variety of services including facial rejuvenation treatments, chemical peels, oxygenation, microdermabrasion, Botox, cosmetic injections, IV hydration and vitamin booster injections.

 The business opened in March at a location on Stanton Avenue, but it wasn’t long before Rolfe found an even better fit. She met with Tim Hahn, co-owner of CrossFit Instinct, “to tell him about my vitamin infusions; we work with a couple of their clients. He showed me around his space, and I realized it could work.”

 CrossFit Instinct occupies approximately two-thirds of the former First Baptist Church at 301 South Grand Ave. West, with several other complementary businesses also located in the building. Timeless Beauty MedSpa now has a suite on the main level.

 “It’s crazy how things work out,” Rolfe said. “I just want to do what it is that I’m called to do and make sure that my business is a blessing to others.”