OOT Box Media, a full-service creative agency, is preparing to relocate as part of a business expansion.

The business is currently located at 917 Clocktower Drive, but owner Andrew Bartlett said, “I knew we were going to be running out of space soon, so I’d been looking for a building.” As it so happened, he didn’t have to look far – the adjacent building at 925 Clocktower Drive, which had once housed a Farmers Insurance agency, was available.

Bartlett purchased the building earlier this year and is currently in the process of remodeling it. “We’ll be able to take a building that’s been sitting vacant for three years and make it nice,” he said. “There’s also land in the back that will allow us to hold events.”

At more than 6,000 square feet, the property represents a significant expansion. Bartlett said he currently has four other people on staff, plus interns. “Once we get in to the new building, we’re probably going to hire a couple other people,” he said. “From a customer service standpoint, we want to stay ahead of the curve as far as hiring people.”

Bartlett said he hopes to be able to occupy the new building by the end of August.