Kristina Barbee has started a new job with MSF&W Consulting as an IT business analyst, as of May 5.  Previously, she worked for Horace Mann in a similar capacity and had been employed there since 2013.

“I was doing research on different career opportunities in the area and came across MSF&W. Not only are they a woman-owned company, they have a lot of female employees,” Barbee said. “As a woman in STEM, it’s hard to find equitable opportunities, so that really spoke to me. After talking to the recruiter, I felt like we aligned a lot on core values.”

Barbee is currently contracted out to the Illinois Department of Transportation for a large-scale project aimed at establishing an accurate resource view for all state employees and automating and streamlining standard HR processes.

Barbee is a graduate of Robert Morris University and holds a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. She writes a monthly column on professional development for Springfield Business Journal.