Sara Wojcicki Jimenez has started her own business, KIND Consulting. She most recently worked as director of marketing, communications and advocacy for HSHS Central Illinois Division but is best known for her work in state government and as a television reporter.

“Living through this pandemic has given me some time to reflect,” she said. “I had conversations with some successful business owners and potential clients. For me, the timing was right.”

Jimenez said that she hopes to use her experience working with the state’s executive branch, legislative branch and serving as an elected official to help organizations with government relations, community engagement and professional communications. “I hope this move will allow me to do great things to help others in our community and state,” she said.

Jimenez was serving as the chief of staff for First Lady Diana Rauner when she was appointed to the Illinois General Assembly to replace Rep. Raymond Poe. She served in the Illinois House from 2015-2019 and decided not to seek re-election.

While many people use their name for their consulting business, Jimenez wasn’t sure that was the best option in her case. She decided to name her new business KIND Consulting as a way to emphasize “a key ingredient that we need more of in this world. I really believe you can do big things in a kind way,” she said.

“Hopefully I’ve exuded that over the years and will attract that type of client as well,” said Jimenez. “I really hope that I’m able to help others achieve their business goals and use my experience to help move the community forward.”