After nearly 14 years, Dan Linn has stepped down as the executive director of Illinois NORML, an advocacy group which works to reform marijuana laws. In a written statement to supporters, Linn noted how much public opinion has shifted since he first became involved in NORML two decades ago, including cities allowing low level possession charges to result in tickets, rather than arrests, the medical cannabis program that is now in place and the resurgence of the hemp industry.

However, Linn cited the upcoming legalization of recreation marijuana as his main reason for stepping down, stating, “now is the best time to pass the torch to someone who is eager to continue advocating for cannabis consumers. We expect there to be many problems with the rollout of legal sales on January 1 and I simply cannot continue to dedicate the needed time or energy towards the cause.”

According to Linn, there are still “many problems that need to be addressed,” including shortages that will lead to inflated prices, a limited amount of business licenses and restrictions on consumers growing cannabis.

Linn said he plans to remain on the board of directors and focus on fundraising for lobbying efforts. Illinois NORMAL is currently accepting applications for a volunteer to serve as the organization’s new director.