After nearly 50 years in business, the law firm of Londrigan Potter & Randle PC has closed. The firm, which was founded in 1970 by James “Bud” Potter and Thomas Londrigan, most recently had an office at 1227 S. Seventh St. in Springfield.

In February, Illinois Times reported that Springfield Clinic planned to purchase the property as part of a parking expansion project.

The firm specialized in corporate and commercial practice and civil litigation. Craig A. Randle joined the practice in 1975, followed by Alexandra de Saint Phalle in 1977. Randle and de Saint Phalle will continue to practice law, Randle in Springfield and de Saint Phalle in North Carolina, but are not opening offices. Potter will continue to practice law as a sole practitioner and has opened an office at 300 E. Ash St. in Springfield.