By David Blanchette

Plans for the 49-acre multi-use Cardinal Hill Crossing development in Rochester are moving along, and the project developer hopes to begin physical work on the property in early 2020.

Cardinal Hill Crossing is flanked on one end by Rochester Intermediate School and the new Rochester Fire Protection District Station and on the other end by Rochester Village Hall and the Public Library. Plans for the vacant land include a mix of commercial and residential properties, according to developer Corky Joyner, president of Joyner Construction Services Inc., a Springfield general contracting and construction management company.

“Rochester is a great village, and having the opportunity to bring some services that will benefit the village is what we’re trying to do with the development,” Joyner said.

Joyner envisions a combination of light retail, office, service and residential properties for the development. He said one interested party is looking at establishing a daycare near the Intermediate School, and Joyner would like to see doctor’s offices, insurance offices, a restaurant and a convenience store locate in Cardinal Hill Crossing.

One area of the property is zoned R-5 and will be used for multifamily units. Joyner requested downzoning of two other parcels from B-2 to R-2 to develop 23 duplexes. He also asked the Village of Rochester to rezone a number of other parcels from B-2 to B-1 to allow the type of lighter business use he would like to see for the area.

“B-2 is pretty heavy zoning, it does not allow, for instance, the office and light retail that is probably the most desired in areas like this,” Joyner said. “We are also asking for a reduction from B-2 to B-1 with a special use for a daycare center.”

The zoning requests were approved by the Rochester Village Board on Sept. 9, with the preliminary plan for the development up for approval on Oct. 14.

According to Joyner, the anticipated construction would proceed in phases over several years. He has a contract with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield in Illinois to purchase the 49 acres of land at an as-yet undisclosed cost.

“What we are really trying to do is soften the whole development,” Joyner said. “The residential components give it that mixed-use feel. We are open to local people that may want to develop a restaurant or doctor’s office, that kind of use out there,” he explained.

“We are marketing to the uses that have had trouble finding a place in Rochester,” Joyner said. “We are bringing professionally-developed commercial uses to that neighborhood, with plenty of parking, and developed under modern standards.”

One of Joyner’s most recent projects was the development of Cobblestone Place in Springfield with its combination of mixed residential and commercial use.