Christen Owen and Joseph Zander have recently joined Forsyth Insurance Group, located at 430 E. Vine St. in Springfield.

After staying at home with her three children for the past 10 years and running an in-home daycare, Owen said she’s excited to get back into the business world. She is currently a licensed health and life agent and intends to have her securities license by the end of the year.

“I found out a little later in life that I really enjoy the financial world,” Owen said.  “I saw the ups and downs of money and the impact that has on everyone’s day-to-day life. I am passionate about helping people understand how to get their money to work for them, to protect themselves and their loved ones and to reach their financial goals.”

Zander is an insurance agent and adviser for Forsyth who began his career developing business plans, financial tools and operational systems for small and medium-sized businesses. He has extensive experience advising and assisting companies seeking complicated business licensing for high-risk markets.

Zander earned a degree in finance from the University of Nevada in Las Vegas.