Jazz lovers will have to find something else to do this Friday night, as Robbie’s Restaurant has closed temporarily due to water damage. The restaurant, located at 4 Old State Capitol Plaza in Springfield, is known for hosting live music each week in addition to serving lunch and dinner.

Owner Arch Bailey said the storms overnight on Tuesday caused damage to the roof on the adjacent building. “Part of their roof crashed and broke a sprinkler line,” Bailey said. “We have a lot of water damage. Peerless is in there right now, starting the clean up process.”

The building at 3 Old State Capitol Plaza was formerly occupied by the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce; it has been vacant since the Chamber left. Springfield investor Chris Weihmeir previously owned the property, although it is now in receivership with a local bank.

Bailey said it was too soon to tell when the restaurant would be able to reopen. “We’re going to be out of commission for a few weeks, I would guess. We’ve got to get everything dried out before we can even start putting things back together.”