The Cardologist, a long-time downtown business known for its selection of socks as much as cards and gifts, is facing the prospect of relocating again, at least temporarily.

Owner Doug Mayol has been renting space at 627 E. Adams since spring 2016 when he had to relocate his store on short notice. Previously, he had operated the business for more than 25 years from a location at 225 S. Sixth Street until the J.P. Morgan trust that owned the property notified him that the building was for sale and his month-to-month lease would not be renewed.

“When I moved the last time, I got the building on the Friday before Memorial Day weekend, and I was open for business the following Thursday. That could not have happened without the support of friends, family and customers,” said Mayol. “I was stunned by the amount of support I got. I have a very loyal customer base.”

While Mayol said he was initially very reluctant to move, the new location has worked out extremely well from a sales standpoint. However, he has struggled with other issues, including a leaking roof.

“This building has some serious roof issues, and it’s come to the point that the landlord would like for me to leave. There’s no ill-will, they just need to not have me here until all this is worked out,” he explained.

And so Mayol once again finds himself in flux, with the possibility that he will need to relocate his store again. This time around, he is hopeful that he may be able to return once the necessary repairs are made. “Staying here would absolutely be my number one choice,” he said.

Mayol said that representatives from Downtown Springfield, Inc. were meeting with his landlord on his behalf and he was waiting to hear what options might await him. Lisa Clemmons Stott, executive director of DSI, confirmed that a meeting had taken place but said, “Nothing to report yet other than good conversations with the current property owners.”

His sense of humor still intact, Mayol wryly commented, “My ability to eat and feed my dog is in the balance. Owning a store is not the most stable way to make a living to begin with, and now I’m in flux again.”