Upper Limits Midwest, a vape shop located at 1205 S. Second St. in Springfield, is planning a significant expansion. The business opened five years ago and owner Matthieu Fortin said, “We’ve experienced a healthy growth over the last few years. We’re in the process of purchasing the building we’re currently in, and we’ll be doubling the size of the operation.”

Davis Cleaners currently occupies about half of the 7,000 square foot building and Fortin said once that business relocates, Upper Limits will utilize the entire space.

“We do wholesale, and we have e-commerce as well,” said Fortin. “We’ve had a lot of growth on the retail floor. We’re on top of each other and can’t store any more inventory. We’re expanding offices as well.”

Fortin said the business currently has 13 employees. “That’s what has really allowed us to grow, the great team that we have. They make it all happen.”