Henderson Eye Center, which currently leases space at 3330 Ginger Creek in Springfield, broke ground earlier this month for construction of a new office building. Michael von Behren Builder is the general contractor for the $1,500,000 million dollar project.

The new building, which will be located at 2709 Koke Mill, will be just over 7500 square feet, more than double the size of the current location. “We’re just cramped right now, we try not to let the patients feel it too much, but my staff is cramped,” said Dorsey Henderson, manager of the practice. “This will give us more room to get things done more efficiently.”

Henderson said the clinic has been in business since 1999 and currently has two doctors and two opticians, plus nine other staff members. “Our expansion will make it easier for us to take care of our patients,” she said.

The new location is scheduled to be completed in June or July of 2019.