Springfield will get its first hookah lounge when The Field Bar & Grill Hookah Lounge opens later this month at 933 North Grand Ave. Hookah lounges, which originated in India and spread throughout the Middle East, are now fairly common in larger cities throughout the United States and Europe.

Owner Yvette Tucker said the idea for the business came to her after she hosted a hookah-themed party for her son’s graduation. “All the parents and kids loved it,” Tucker said. “I have a hookah at home that I personally use, and it’s something fun and different that I know bigger cities have.”

Two years ago, Tucker purchased a bar on 11th Street but ended up selling it shortly afterwards, due to the amount of work that it needed. When her realtor told her about the former Bunkers Bar & Grill at the corner of North Grand and MacArthur Avenue, she realized it would be a good fit since it had recently been operating as a similar type of business.

While traditional hookah lounges offer tobacco-based shisha, the current trend is herbal shisha, which contains no tobacco or nicotine and is not subject to bans on smoking in public places that have become common in many cities. Tucker confirmed that she plans to offer an herbal product. “We’ll have about 30 different types of flavors – raspberry, peach cobbler, green apple, everything you can think of,” she said.

A grand opening is planned for Sept. 29. “I think it’s going to be a big hit. I think I’ll have a line outside waiting to get in,” Tucker said.