Dan Sale, who is currently the CEO of Capital Area Realtors, has been hired as CEO for the St. Louis Realtors organization, beginning in September.

Sale explained, “I always said it would take an incredible opportunity for me to even consider leaving this organization. I’ve been so pleased here with the way the organization has come along over the years and progressed. We’ve got great volunteers and staff.”

The St. Louis Realtors have around 8000 members, making them quite a bit larger than CAR. Sale said, “The stars aligned, and I was fortunate to receive consideration and make it through the interview process. I formed a good relationship with the search committee, and at the end of the day, it felt like the right decision.”

Sale said that besides size, one major difference is that the St. Louis Realtors are not responsible for the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) in their area, which is handled by a separate regional entity. One of the major projects that Sale has recently undertaken with CAR is looking at the possibility of consolidating multiple listing services throughout central and southern Illinois into a larger regional MLS, which is a growing trend nationwide.

“That will be an initiative I won’t be able to see through to the end,” said Sale. “That’s one of my regrets, but I have confidence that it will succeed fabulously.”

In an email sent to CAR members on July 12, board president Ed Mahoney said, ”I would like to assure members of the Capital Area Realtors that work has already begun by the executive committee and staff to ensure a smooth transition.  In the meantime, members will continue to receive the same professional and personalized service they have grown accustomed to.”

Sale has served as the CEO for Capital Area Realtors since 1994 and prior to that worked as a legislative policy analyst for the Illinois Association of Realtors.

“I really want to express my appreciation to the members of the CAR for all their support over the years,” said Sale. “Together, the leadership, volunteers and staff have built an organization that is known for its progressiveness.   I have no doubt that this trend will continue into the future.”