No Agenda 321, a bar and tapas restaurant located at 321 N. Main Street in Chatham, has been sold to Jose Lopez, who also owns and operates the Casa Real and Tacos Pepe restaurants in Springfield.

Jamie Loftus owns the retail center in Chatham where No Agenda is located, and he decided to open his own restaurant in May 2017 after previous restaurant tenants didn’t work out. However, his background is in the construction industry and business to business sales, not food service, and he admits that he found it to be a very different type of industry.

“I can see why people go into these bar and restaurant businesses with partners; I’ve never worked so hard in my life as I have the past year, and it’s hard for one individual to do it all,” said Loftus. “The decision to sell puts me back in the area of direct sales that I’m more familiar with and I have some opportunities to do other things that I want to pursue.”

Loftus explained that he and his wife had become friends with Lopez and his wife, who live in Chatham and have frequented No Agenda over the past year.

“There are a lot of things we appreciated about each other businesses, and one of his goals was to find a higher end place closer to his home,” said Loftus. “Effective May 8, we basically sold the LLC that operates No Agenda to him, which makes life easier as far as transferring a business.”

Loftus said the sale represented a turnkey operation, “right down to the coolers and the items on the shelf. He even kept all of my staff.”

While there may be some expanded hours and minor changes to the menu in store, regular customers should not notice any major differences, said Loftus. He concluded a post on the business’ Facebook page announcing the change in the ownership by stating, “Please make our new owners/operators feel the love by continuing to bring your friends and family into No Agenda. Mitzi and I are super excited to see them thrive and we welcome the talent that their team can bring to the table. I am certain that you can join me in the belief that few things in a community are more important than creating local business that local residents can enjoy and invest in.”