Matt Denney recently accepted a position as the director of Senergy Technologies, a division of Senergy Electric Company, Inc.

Based in Williamsville, Senergy Electric was founded in January 2014 by Matt Giacomini. Last year Senergy merged with Cardinal Technology Solutions, founded by Brandon Keafner, who is now a co-owner of Senergy Electric. Capital Sound also merged with Senergy in 2016, bringing Bob Stambaugh on board. The result is a company that is not only a full-service electrical contractor but also provides communications, alarm and security systems, and audio/visual work.

Denney said, “We work on everything from unified security platforms — software based security — to fiberoptics structured cabling, A/V and conferencing centers. If it has lights on it, we get involved.”

Most recently, Denney was director of business development for AmeriCall Communications for a little over two years. Prior to that, he worked for Precision Utilities in the Fort Wayne, Indiana, area. “I’ve traveled all over the United Stated with work,” he said. “I even spent a couple of years in the Chicago area with AT&T projects, but I’ve mostly been in the Springfield area.”

“AmeriCall is a great company with wonderful owners, but professionally, I think Senergy is more in my wheelhouse. It’s a great fit with my skill sets.”

Between the electrical and technology divisions, Senergy has grown to include nearly 40 employees. Their projects include both large and small commercial jobs, as well as work in health care, education and alternative energy, such as solar panels. The company’s focus is on central Illinois, with a few exceptions. “We have crews in Pennsylvania and Maryland right now working with a very good customer of ours,” Denney said. “We will go nationwide, but our core construction is usually south of interstate 80 in Illinois.”

In addition to work, Denney’s other passion is competitive baseball. “I’m very active in Little League baseball, and always looking for new recruits.”