The Citizens Club of Springfield has been encouraging community members to read The Coming Jobs War by Jim Clifton, CEO and chairman of Gallup. Clifton argues that leaders of cities and countries should focus on creating good jobs, which will lead to prosperity, peace and human development. The Citizens Club has made copies of the book available to a core group of community leaders, with plans to expand the initiative to encourage the entire community to focus on a common goal of job creation.

For those who have already read the book, The Citizens Club is hosting a series of book groups to engage in follow up discussions. On Wednesday, Nov. 29, at 5 p.m., a group will meet at Innovate Springfield, located at 15 South Old State Capitol Plaza, to discuss “Entrepreneurship vs. Innovation.” Bruce Sommer from the Center for Entrepreneurship and Family Business at University of Illinois at Springfield will facilitate the discussion.

For more information, contact Bob Gray, president of The Citizens Club, at