By Patrick Yeagle

A commercial cleaning service with franchises around the globe is planning an expansion to Springfield.

Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems, based in Georgia, expects to establish a location here and is seeking franchise candidates.

The company serves a variety of industries, including medical, retail, fitness and real estate. Scott Thompson,  chief development officer for Jan-Pro, says the company will focus on the medical industry in Springfield. Among other practices, Jan-Pro touts a color-coded system for cleaning areas like bathrooms to prevent cross-contamination, as well as a proprietary spray disinfection system which replaces manual disinfection by wiping.

“It would be labor-intensive to disinfect an entire facility that way,” Thompson said, referring to the more common method. He adds that the company uses environmentally friendly cleaning products in place of bleach.

Jan-Pro’s sister company, Maid Right, focuses on residential cleaning. Thompson says the company would also consider expanding Maid Right in Springfield if Jan-Pro finds success here.

Thompson says Jan-Pro already operates in the Chicago market but has gaps in coverage for some of its national accounts, leading to Jan-Pro entering some smaller markets like Springfield.

“We have to outsource coverage,” Thompson said, “but we would rather have it go to a franchisee.”

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