By Patrick Yeagle

Illinois could be drawing closer to a state budget, with the Illinois Senate passing several pieces of legislation collectively dubbed the “grand bargain.”

Lawmakers in the Senate voted yesterday to pass parts of the legislative package, including budget appropriations, changes to state procurement practices, a gaming expansion bill and pension changes for the Chicago Public Schools system.

The Senate is expected to vote today on tax increase legislation, changes to state employee pensions and more.

Below are the various bills in the grand bargain package, with their topics and status.

Bill Topic Status
Senate Bill 1 education funding reform Awaiting vote
Senate Bill 3 local government consolidation passed 42-14 on Feb. 28
Senate Bill 4 bonds to pay state vendors awaiting vote
Senate Bill 5  Chicago teacher pensions  passed 35-22 on Feb. 28
Senate Bill 6  six-month budget appropriations  passed 42-16 on Feb. 28
Senate Bill 7  gaming expansion  passed 31-26 on Feb. 28
Senate Bill 8  procurement changes  passed 41-16 on Feb. 28
Senate Bill 9  tax increases  Awaiting vote
Senate Bill 10  Allows certain municipalities to sell/transfer share of state revenues  Awaiting vote
Senate Bill 12  Workers compensation changes  Awaiting vote
Senate Bill 13  Property tax freeze Awaiting vote
Senate Bill 16  State employee pension changes Failed vote on Feb. 28, placed on postponed consideration

A proposed minimum wage increase contained in Senate Bill 2 is no longer part of the grand bargain package. Senate Bill 11, which previously held language similar to Senate Bill 16, was voted down earlier this month.

Each bill contains a clause tying it to the other bills, meaning if one piece of the package fails to pass, the remaining pieces don’t take effect.

If the Senate passes its package, all of the bills must still receive approval from the House and from Gov. Bruce Rauner before taking effect.

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