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New Busness Listings July 2014

3915 Day Spa
3915 N. Dirksen Pkwy, Springfield IL 62707, 630-473-5652
Business Owner(s)
Yu Fang ADA

About Face! Esthetics and Waxing Services
707 Carroll Street, Pawnee IL 62558, 217/836-2532
Business Owner(s)
Denise R Howard

Alpha & Omega Transit Network, Inc
100 N Wesley, Springfield IL 62702, 217-330-7810
Business Owner(s)
Charles Doty
Cynthia Cherry

Antiques Etc.
129 East Main Street, Rochester IL 62563, 217/498-1077
Business Owner(s)
Craig Archer
Roberta Archer

Dimples’ Dyes
4120 Marie Drive, Springfield IL 62707, 217/899-0034
Business Owner(s)
Sara J. Darst

FAM Property Management
111 Sycamore Lane, Pleasant Plains IL 62677, 306-0175
Business Owner(s)
William D Ulrich

Harrison Sound
3492 Pet Cemetery Road, Springfield IL 62707, 544-6784
Business Owner(s)
Richard Harrison

Harvey III
17 West Club Area, Springfield IL 62712, 217-529-1511
Business Owner(s)
Harvey W Deatherage III

Jeff Melton Painting
2212 S Pasfield, Springfield IL 62704, 899-9851
Business Owner(s)
Jeff Melton

241 N. 5th Street, Springfield IL 62701, 217/725-0135
Business Owner(s)
Kevin Burke III

M & J Window Works and Tiling
2617 Cooper Ave, Springfield IL 62704, 217-415-4781
Business Owner(s)
Josh Teimeyer

Mirror Art Hair Design
3250 Ginger Creek Dr., Springfield IL 62711, 546-9545
Business Owner(s)
Dustin B. Harmony

MJD Trucking
24037 Gudgel Ave., Athens IL 62613, 217-671-8838
Business Owner(s)
Michael J. DiGiovanna

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